Meaning of Jungkook tattoos

During a recent live broadcast, Jungkook (BTS) took the time to explain the meanings of some curious tattoos to fans over the years.

On February 2 (KST), Jungkook spent many hours on Weverse (the social networking platform owned by Hybe Corporation – BTS’s management company) interacting with fans. In addition to singing, he also talked and answered fans’ questions. Notably, the youngest member of BTS agreed to explain the meaning of some tattoos on his body.

ARMY and other tattoos on hands

Regarding the word ARMY on the back of his right hand, Jungkook said it was his first tattoo. He deliberately imprinted it on the most visible body part to show his love and pride for the ARMYs (the name of BTS’ fan community). The fan club logo and purple heart at the bottom also have the same meaning. The male idol intentionally tattooed a crown on ARMY’s “A” and the “J” on his ring finger is the first letter of his name. Jungkook also has his favorite emoji tattoo on his middle finger.

ARMY Tattoo

In addition, the star born in 1997 also tattooed the day BTS debuted, June 13, on one side of his left hand.

Tattoo on Jung Kook’s Arm

Moving higher, Jungkook showed off a series of more impressive tattoos on his arm. The first is the tattoo on his forearm when he came to Seoul to pursue his idol dream. Nearby are two philosophical sentences that he loves, crisscrossing each other, meaning “Rather be dead than cool” (Better to die than live without passion) and “Make hay while the sun shines” (Let’s seize the opportunity) assembly when it arrives).

He also has a tattoo of the flower representing his birthday, the Tiger Flower – an orange and black-spotted lily that looks like tiger skin from afar, on his forearm with the words “Please love me”.

Next is a large clock, displaying the exact time of Jungkook’s birth. It was tied to a microphone with a chain, meaning he was born to be a singer.

BTS JK tattooed his birth time

There are two tattoos near his elbow, one is a Chinese character meaning Hwayangyeonha (Life’s most beautiful moment) and another is inspired by Dancheong – the art of decorating wood surfaces. of Korean ancient buildings.

BTS JK tattoo the beautiful life in Chinese character

Hidden tattoos

Jungkook also mentioned some hidden tattoos. He has a tattoo of a cloud and a lightning bolt near his elbow but it’s not the original one. While filming the ON (2020 release) music video in the US, he decided to get a tattoo. However, the experience was not pleasant as he suffered from pain and swelling afterward. Therefore, Jungkook decided to cover the old tattoo with a cloud design, and then add color.

Regarding the “Bullet Proof” tattoo on his arm, Jungkook revealed that it was originally an eye, meaning that he must always be careful with his behavior because many people follow him. The eye was intentionally tattooed in the corner that Jungkook couldn’t see if he hadn’t crossed his arms. However, in the end, he had to hide it because many people did not like it, claiming it looked like a symbol of the Illuminati – a mysterious organization consisting of political, religious, movie actors, pop star with ambitions to create a new world order.

Jungkook also once had a tattoo near his wrist, which looks like three parallel lines. It is the symbol “Geon”, representing heaven in Korean culture. But he hid it in the shape of a snake because many people didn’t seem to like the original design. The snake is said to signify growth, as it is an animal that sheds its skin.


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