Hello there, Welcome to Tatkuink.com

I am the founder of Tatkuink – a clothing brand where we share our Skull love with the community. 

Tatkuink is founded by members who have only one mission: To bring the most amazing items to anyone who loves Skull, Tattoo, and even Viking. Provided that you love Skull, you will love our designs. We devote ourselves to every item so that you will be absolutely satisfied when they come to you. 

At our store, you can have a wide selection of products such as Graphic Shirt, All-over print Hoodie, Tank tops and Legging Set, and some other house decoration stuff, so you can wear and show your passion anywhere at any time.  All are made of high-quality material but we try to keep the price the most affordable. 

If you love anything about Skull, just join us.