Halloween is right in front of the door but you are too busy to prepare Halloween costumes. Don’t worry! Scroll down for top easy ideas for your last-minute Hallloween costumes. 

last-minute Halloween costumes

1. The history of Halloween

history of halloween

Halloween holiday is celebrated on October 31th every year and Halloween 2022 will occur on Monday, October 31th. Halloween traditions originated from the ancient festival Samhain on which Celtic people express gratitude to God and Goddess for their blessing. On Samhain, ancient people celebrated, lit bonfires and danced for the successful harvest season. 

history of halloweeny

However, the harvest season came to an end and it was also the time for winter which brings the feelings of blue and gloom. Celtic people also believed that this is the time when dead spirits return to earth and wander around. During the celebration, the Celts wore costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins to avoid being annoyed by ghosts, and attempted to tell each other’s fortunes.

history of Halloween

It was until the second half of the 19th century when Irish people immigrated to America and brought this tradition to our country. Gradually, Americans began to dress up in costumes and go house to house to ask for food and money, a practice that later became today’s “trick-or-treat”. Year by year, Halloween parties for both children and adults became common with games, foods, and festive costumes.

2. Top easy last-minute Hallween costumes 

last-minute halloween costumes

In ancient Halloween parties, people wear animal, creepy or ghost-like costumes to avoid the spirits of the dead while today people dress up in Halloween to express themselves, their passion, favourites or trending events. And in case you are not well-prepared for this Halloween, these easy last-minute Halloween costumes will save your life. 

For people who have passion for animals or pets, these are must-try costumes

2.1. Bat

You love batman and coincidentally you have a broken umbrella, try this bat clever costume.

bat last-minute halloween costume

  • Cut broken umbrella in half, use black safety pins or hot glue to attach it to the arms of a black hoodie. 
  • Fasten the hinges of the umbrella pieces with black electrical tape, so you can open your wings to get the full bat effect. 
  • Finish off your look with black foam ears dotted with black feathers. 

2.2. Instagram of dog filter

You want to have a dress code with your beloved dog on Halloween and have not much time to prepare, consider this easy-to-make dog filter.

dog filter last-minute Halloween costumes

  • Pull up Instagram Stories on your phone and select the OG dog filter. 
  • Point your phone to a blank surface like a table or wall, and take a screenshot. 
  • Print the screenshot on a thick board and cut out the middle to fit your face. 
  • Complete the look by adding makeup and accessories to mirror the filter's.

2.3. Cat with yarn ball

Cat costumes are cute and all and this lovely cat costume is perfect for cat parents, cat lovers or cat owners.

cat last-minute halloween costumes

  • Loop yellow yarn until you achieve a perfectly tangled mess 
  • Attach it to a black shirt, leaving a few strands free to give you something to chase.

2.4. Alice in Wonderland

Alice must have been a part of every child's memories and this Alice costume will bring back good old times for everyone. 

Alice last-minute halloween costumes

  • Start with a light blue puff sleeve dress or shirt-and-skirt combo. 
  • Add a white bib apron edged with light-blue rickrack, as well as a pair of white flats and a white headband.

2.5. Mad Hatter

You are a fan of Alice in Wonderful Land, it is impossible to ignore Mad Hatter - the hat maker and his amazing and attractive dance. Let’s cosplay Mad Hatter costume and perform his dance to blow up Halloween spirit.

Mad Hatter last-minute Halloween costumes

  • Wrap 1⁄2 yard of three-inch-wide yellow ribbon around a green top hat and glue into place. 
  • Then, tuck a piece of cardstock that reads "In This Style: 10⁄6" into the hatband. 
  • Complete your look with a checkered vest, khaki pants, striped socks, and checkered sneakers.

2.6. Snow white

It would be an interesting idea to become a princess and go to find your prince on such a creepy theme holiday. But remember, princesses always find her prince in unexpected situations. Why don’t you dress up like Snow White and look for your soulmate?

Snow White last-minute Halloween costumes

  • Just grab a wig, ruby red lipstick, blue shirt, and yellow skirt for a DIY Snow White costume. 
  • Grab a fresh apple before you head out the door to really slip into character!

2.7. Rapunzel

Once you watch Rapunzel, you must desire to have that blonde long and magic hair. So why don’t you grab this chance and get your dream hair come true?

 Rapunzel last-minute Halloween costumes

  • Loop the yarn about 30-40 times per braid section. 
  • Tie off the top to band it together. Do this three times because braids have three sections. 
  • Braid the three sections together trying to keep the braid tight and thick. 
  • Tie purple bows throughout the braid, but especially to tie the two braids together. 
  • Using a yellow beanie, glue yellow yarn to look like “hair” on the top.

2.8. Queen of heart

Be independent and become the queen of your life! Be the queen, rule your life and do whatever you want. Dress up like Queen of Heart and enjoy your Halloween party.

Queen of Heart last-minute Halloween costumes

  • Wrap a large piece of paper around your neck so you can trim it down to the right size. 
  • Then, staple cards from a deck all around the paper collar, layering them for a fanned-out effect.

2.9. Potted plant

It is so ridiculous to dress like a pot for Halloween? As long as you have a passion for plants and nature, you can shine at any time and any places. 

Potted plant last-minute Halloween costumes

  • Cut the bottom of a plastic flower pot with a box cutter. 
  • Then, using a 1/8-inch drill bit, drill four holes for ribbon straps about three inches from centre on the front and back of the pot. 
  • Cut four 24-inch lengths of 3/4-inch grosgrain ribbon, thread through holes, and knot them to secure. 
  • Tape fake flowers to the inside with duct tape, and top off the look with a flower crown.

2.10. Bubble tea

The feeling of chewing these smooth, soft and chewy boba haunts you all the time? A sip of bubble tea can satisfy you right away? Let’s short your love for this amazing drink and introduce it to everyone.

Bubble Tea last-minute Halloween costumes

  • Pin or glue large black pom pom balls to the hem of a white dress. 
  • Then, attach a cylinder of construction paper to a headband to make a straw.

Halloween is always an exciting holiday of the year, don’t let complicated Halloween costumes prevent you from enjoying the holiday's amazing spirit. Try these easy last-minute Halloween costumes to have an unforgettable holiday. For better Halloween costume ideas, check out Tatkuink!