Halloween lately is one of the most favoured of all the holidays. Not only Halloween costumes, spooky parties with tons of high-spirited activities, Halloween decoration is also a source of entertainment for the festival celebration. 

Halloween decorations

1. The history of Halloween decorations

1.1. History of Halloween decorations

history of Halloween decorations

Halloween as we know it today originates from the ancient summer festival called Samhain. As the harvest season came to its close, ancient Celtic people celebrated the Samhain    festival to show gratitude to the god and goddesses of the harvest who were responsible for the people’s bounty. Samhain was marked with great celebrations which included feasting and dancing. 

history of Halloween decorations

Samhain; however, was not all about happiness and celebrations. Samhain was also a time of superstition, darkness and fear. Celtic people believed that the end of the harvest and the beginning of the winter was a great time for the spirit of the newly deceased. It was commonly believed that the bad souls of the dead could return to life and annoy the living. 

history of Halloween decorations

During Samhain festival, lanterns were used to light the way of the villagers and also believed as a scary deterrent that warded off any evil spirit. In addition, food was also left out on the table for the hungry spirit to prevent them from annoying the homeowners. Finally, villagers put on masks, animal skin and frightening costumes that made them look as scary as possible to avoid dead spirits. 

history of Halloween decorations

It was until 1845 when the Irish immigrated to America and brought along many Irish ancient customs and traditions. One of the favourite celebrations from the Celtic culture was that of Halloween and the Halloween festival officially entered American culture. 

history of Halloween decorations

Although originally having a very dark, mysterious and supernatural history, Halloween traditions now encouraged more fun and family-oriented spirit. With the popularity of Halloween around the country, decorating for this festival took on a life of its own. Throughout the decades, the use of Halloween decorations has become more important with each and every passing year. 

1.2. Types of Halloween decorations

There is a very wide range of Halloween decorations found in today's marketplace. Depending on what style of Halloween display you are setting up and who is going to see it, you can choose the type of decoration that fits your desire.

types of Halloween decorations

1.2.1. Hanging decor

Halloween hanging decor

Hanging decorations can look as if it is floating and can be placed in unexpected spots to create a little bit of extra scare. Halloween hanging props that can be hung from various structures are effective in creating a spooky and ghostly effect. Hanging props can be hung at eye level so that visitors visualise them readily which creates a bigger impact. 

Add more blink effect to your Halloween spirit with the golden skull ornament which can also be hung on your tree!

halloween hanging decor

1.2.2. Wall decor

halloween wall decor

Halloween scary, haunted and ghoulish pictures can replace everyday photos to blow out Halloween spirit. Spider webbing is also a great idea for wall transformation this Halloween and you can hang it from corners and small places. Besides, you can use poster-like wall covering to transform an ordinary room into a mad scientist lab or haunted house.

1.2.3. Gory details

halloween gory details

Small decor pieces are quite easy to make yourself and still create an effective scary effect. Bloody fake body parts, rodents, bats, ravens, zombies, black cats, mummies and many more other details which are upon your creation. Remember to never underestimate small details because they can be a huge part of creating those extra gruesome effects that most everyone loves at Halloween.

1.2.4. Outdoor decor

halloween outdoor decor

Sometimes, the Halloween outside decorations are more important than the inside ones because it decides the first impression when visitors come to your house. Today, there are a wide range of Halloween decorations for outdoor decor which would transform the look of your ordinary home into something frightful and eerie. For instance, coffins and tombstones can transform your yard into a creepy graveyard. 

2. Top 7 Ideas for Halloween decorations

Let’s make Halloween decorations be more interesting and unique and turn your house into a scary, haunted destination with these great decorating ideas!

halloween decoration ideas

  • Indoor Halloween decorations

2.1.1. Floral skull and skeleton hands centrepiece 

To people who love flowers and desire to combine gentle themes to the spooky spirit of Halloween, this idea is meant for you.

halloween floral skull and skeleton hands centrepiece

A grinning skull is brimming with seasonal blooms while two bony hands clutch at taper candles. This floral skull is perfect for dinner or tea tables which absolutely catch visitors’ attention. If you are wondering which type of candle would fit your Halloween decorations, check out Top 5 Halloween candles 2022!

  1. Re-create the smoke bush, 'Black Beauty' roses, allium, and carnivorous cobra lilies in a glass vessel, then set it inside a human skull. 
  2. Articulated hand models make terrific taper holders,
  3. Glue them to candlesticks or bud vases, or just prop the lightweight appendages in place.

2.1.2. Pick your poison 

To homeowners who want to give a new look to your bar, pick up this idea right now! 

Pick your poison

  1. Download or design your label, print them on sticker paper.
  2. Get affixing and mixing.

2.1.3. Giant tissue-paper spider 

This Halloween decoration will specially shine their value to visitors who have a serious fear of spiders. A giant spider that dangles overhead requires very little legwork.

Giant tissue-paper spider

  1. Use wire cutters to cut eight 26-inches pieces of wire, and then cover the length of one wire with a piece of double-sided tape. 
  2. Unroll your streamers onto tape and cut them to the proper length; turn the wire over and repeat the process on the other side. 
  3. Create a half-inch fringe on the sides of the streamers using fringe scissors-repeat the process on the other legs as well. 
  4. Open up a flutter ball and poke your top end of each leg into the ball, securing it with tape. Suspend the ball from the ceiling using filament wire.
  • Outdoor Halloween decorations

2.2.1. Pirate treasure chest 

Pirate treasure chest

For any who are fans of Johnny Depp or Pirates of the Caribbean cannot miss this Pirate treasure chest. You want to take the kids out trick or treating without annoying the neighbourhood, leave a candy bounty on the porch. Fill a chest with pillows, then on the top you put chocolate coins, lollipop, candy, and foil-wrapped goodies. 

2.2.2. Raven in waiting

You love Vikings and Odin’s Ravens, you must try this “Raven in waiting” for the coming Halloween. 

Raven in waiting

A flock of ravens and crows swinging on perches are made from cardboard tubes. Design your temples or download existing templates online to create these hook-beaked birds.

2.2.3. Wriggling snake wreath

Wriggling snake wreath

Dark, tangled vines are all you see upon first glance. Come closer and the snakes lying in wait become clear, and the whole wreath springs terrifyingly to life. This wreath can be a horror for people terrified of snakes, which brings more effect to your Halloween decorations. 

2.2.4. Spider egg sac

This Halloween can become a nightmare for anyone who is scared of spiders or multi-leg creature. Make your doorway creepy with this globe-shaped incubator filled with spiders. 

Spider egg sac

  1. To make each egg sac, wrap a foam egg in white batting.
  2. Pull a white socking over the ball.
  3. Position smaller plastic spiders inside, between batting and stocking; hot-glue larger ones on the outside.
  4. Hang from the ceiling using push pins or hooks.

Halloween decorations with easy and quick ideas help to boost Halloween spirit inside and outside your house. Let's turn your ordinary house into a scary, haunted and ghoulish graveyard to enjoy a fun and happy Halloween! Don't forget to check out Tatkuink for more Halloween decor items!