The one thing and one thing only best known for October - Halloween. Halloween appears in anyone’s mind with creepy, colourful costumes, sweet candy and pumpkins. However, Halloween would not be fulfilled without candles which blow up festival spirits and atmosphere. Have you known everything about Halloween  candles, its types, shape or scent? Do you want to make your own Halloween candles? Let’s find out about it now!

Halloween candles

1. Halloween history

Halloween history

Halloween history dates back thousands of years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Celtic people would have bonfires and dancing in Samhain marks the end of harvest season and the coming of winter. It was to express Celtic people's gratitude to God and Goddess who were believed to be responsible for a successful harvest. 

Halloween history

As Samhain associated with the transformation from summer to winter. Celtic people believed that the line between the worlds of living and the dead were thinnest and the dead could return to life. Additionally, those dead people who have not yet moved on could interact with the living. There was also a good chance of bad spirits making an appearance. In order to avoid being annoyed by those evil spirits, people darken their faces with ashes from the bonfires which later developed into wearing masks and costumes. 

2. Halloween candles 

Candles are must-have items on Halloween. From ancient festivals to modern one. Have you ever wondered why are candles lit on Halloween?

2.1. Why do people light candles on Halloween?

Halloween candles

Lighting candles might seem obvious on Halloween but candles would be lit around the home as a way to guide lost spirits home when the line between the two worlds of the living and the dead was at its thinnest.

2.2. Types of candles for Halloween decorations?

Types of Halloween candles

Halloween evolves through time leading to some traditions during its changes. And so do Halloween candles. Wax candles are the traditional candles used on Halloween at its beginning. However, some new types of candles have been launched on Halloween recently. It depends on the requirements for your Halloween decor, so you can choose the appropriate type of candles.

2.2.1. Flameless/ Led/ Battery operated candles

Flameless Halloween candles

Flameless candle was launched in 2010 and quickly became popular during the holidays because of its convenience and safety. Battery operated candles are electronic candles which are an alternative to traditional wick candles. Also called “meltless” candles, they look a lot like real candles. 

Flameless Halloween candles

This type of candle brings a warm ambiance with no dripping wax and risky open flames behind. Flameless candles are safe to use around kids and pets, so it is ideal for Halloween and other holiday decor. 

Flameless Halloween candles

Flameless candles variety in shapes and sizes as well as different colours. From large electric candles to cute little tealight, which serves every demand that you ask for to decorate your house on this Halloween. 


Flameless Halloween candles

Flameless Halloween candles


2.2.2. Scented candles

Scented Halloween candles

Early in the 19th century, new waxes were developed, including soy wax, which is produced from soybeans and burns more slowly and softly than paraffin and palm wax. This wax helped to meet the rising demand for candles. Generally speaking, candles had a bad odour because they were made with tallow or animal fat.

What is a good Halloween scent?

Halloween candles scent

Choosing the right smell makes a huge impact on the atmosphere and people's mood.  If you love natural atmosphere and enjoy the scent of the traditional candles, these are popular scent for you

  • Perfect pumpkin
Perfect pumpkin scent

Nothing says Halloween louder than pumpkin. Slightly sweet, tasty, iconic it pleases all of our senses.

  • Seasonal cinnamon

Seasonal cinnamon halloween scent

Spicy cinnamon is perfect for autumn’s event. Spicy, sweet and full of happiness for delicious food and cosy days.

  • Sourful sandalwood
Sourful sandalwood Halloween scent

Sourful sandalwood is less sweet and more sourful and should be one of your choices. A little mystical and deep, it is perfect for a Halloween party scent.

  • Zesty orange

Zesty orange Halloween  scent

Bright and zesty, this zesty orange scent surely brings out the life and soul of your party.

  • Baked apple

Baked apple Halloween scent

Warming and delicious, baked apple scent brings a family feeling. The combination of baked apple scent with delicious food is sure to blow out Halloween parties.

  • Deep and dark plum

Deep and dark plum Halloween scent

If you feel it’s so ridiculous to combine plum with Halloween, it’s one of the fruits of the season. It can be related to something scary, dark, haunting and ever so romantic. 

3. Top 5 Halloween candles

Top 5 Halloween candles

Though the development of operated battery candles, people still prefer traditional wick candles with their favourite scent and give them the feeling of a real thing in this 

3.1. Halloween Skull  Soy Candles

Halloween Skull  Soy Candles

Skull has never been old for any gothic and creepy holiday, especially Halloween. With this skull-shape candle, your home will be in a creepy vibe and terrify any guests who pass by. Choose your favourite scent and enjoy the Halloween vibe!

3.2. Ghost Votive Candles

Ghost Votive Candles Halloween scent

These little 2 inches ghosts look cute and will be boo-tiful mark around your house on Halloween. 

3.3. Pastel Skull Candles

Pastel Skull Candles Halloween scent

The Pastel Skull Candles are perfect if you take a new route in the Halloween colour scheme. With a wide range of modern color, you can choose the right one for a happy Halloween. 

3.4. Graveyard Candles 

Graveyard Candles Halloween scent

If you don’t light this candle, the zombies will wander around. This Graveyard Candle even could be put in the bathroom when you want to enjoy a Halloween vibe shower. 

3.5. Jack O’ Lantern Candles

Jack O’ Lantern Candles

If you want a pumpkin that is long-lasting and doesn't need much time to prepare, this Jack O’Lantern candle is what you are looking for. No need to carve your own pumpkin and still have Halloween spirit in your home.

Halloween candles

Halloween is often associated with costumes, pumpkin, party and Hallloween candles is also one of the important things that make Halloween spirit. Hope that our informative essay helps you understand better Halloween candles to make your best choice. Enjoy Halloween! Check out Tatkuink for more Halloween decoration ideas!