Halloween nowadays is considered a holiday for dress-up and fun, especially for children. However, Halloween originally was to celebrate to welcome the harvest, honour God and Goddess. Have you truly understood the meaning of Halloween tradition? Let’s find out and try top 15 ideas for homemade Halloween costumes. 

homemade halloween costumes

1. History of Halloween

history of halloween

1.1. What is Halloween?

history of halloween

Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, was organised to welcome harvest and express gratitude to God and Goddess. In Samhain, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off dead spirits. It was until the eight century, Pope Gregory III set November 1st as the time to honour Saints. Later, All Saints Day shares some of the traditions with Samhain. The night before All Saints Day was All Hallows Eve, which is Halloween we call today. 

1.2. Tradition of wearing costumes in Halloween

tradition of wearing halloween costumes

The Samhain festival was celebrated to end the harvest season. This period of time is also the beginning of cold winter and gloom time, in which Celtic people believe is a good opportunity for the dead spirit to return to Earth. Therefore, people dress in scary costumes, skin animals to avoid being terrorized by all the evil spirits walking around. 

2. Top 15 homemade Halloween costumes

homemade halloween costumes

Halloween might bring fun and cheer but it can turn to be a nightmare if you are too busy or hardly find the Halloween costume you like. Why don’t you make your own Halloween costumes with these easy ideas which can be done within a day?


halloween costumes for women

  • Homemade Halloween costumes for women

2.1. Chocolate Chip Cookie

You love sweets and you are sweet, so this Chocolate Chip Cookie is the perfect costume for you.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

You'll love putting together your cookie costume just as much as you love eating real ones! Find someone to go as "milk" and you have a cute couple look.

2.2. Cactus costume

You love green and cactus is one of your favourite plants, so try this Cactus costume right away!

Cactus costume

You don't need much to throw together this sweet DIY cactus—just a green dress, a headband, and a bit of yarn! If you can swing it, a pair of green heals really pull the whole thing together.

2.3. Popcorn costume

Popcorn might not be scary. But it is cute. And who care what people say when you love this Popcorn costume so much!

Popcorn costume

All you need is some red construction paper and a white dress for the box. Just watch out for sharp objects, so you don't pop the yellow balloons!

2.4. Pie Slice Costume

When a whole pie gives too much energy than you need, a Pie Slice is enough!

Pie Slice Costume

Good thing personal preferences don't matter with this costume! Customize your adorable pie slice to whatever flavor most appeals to you.

2.5. Jack O’Lantern Costume

Every one of us at least must have an orange dress in our rainbow wardrobes. Grab this than and turn your orange dress into amazing Jack O’Lantern costume for this Halloween

Jack O’Lantern Costume

This idea is so baby bump-friendly and super cute. Honestly, you might want to keep wearing your cute orange dress after the holiday passes!

Homemade Halloween costumes for men

  • Homemade Halloween costumes for men

2.6. Where’s Waldo Costume

You are minimalist and have a red and white striped sweater in your wardrobe, all you need is to make or buy a hat with the same colour. And you will be Waldo at the coming Halloween party!

Waldo Costume

This Waldo shirt will make you standout. The red and white stripe hat and sweater can be recognized anywhere.

2.7. ‘When Life Give You Lemons’ Costume

You are a hilarious person and you want to laugh off some difficult situations in your life, let’s do this costume yourself.

‘When Life Give You Lemons’ Costume

Find some lemons at home and you already have half of this costume down. Add a white t-shirt with an iron-on "Life" decal and you'll be ready to go.

2.8. Inspector Gadget Costume

You and your partner love the Detective series and wish to become that inspector, you must try this costume.

Inspector Gadget Costume

All you need is a trench coat and a fedora on hand, then it's simply enough to dress up as everyone's favourite cyborg police inspector.

2.9. Chef Costume

You love cooking and always want to become a chef. Shine now!

Chef Costume

Throw on this chef's jacket and hat over a pair of black pants, you'll get an easily believable chef. Add in a bowl and whisk from your kitchen

2.10. Clark Kent Superman Costume

It can be said that becoming Superman was everyone's dream when they were a child. His superpower is the thing that adults are looking for in real life. If you struggle with your real life recently, try this costume to become superman and have power to get over all troubles. 

Clark Kent Superman Costume

Never gets old. Sport the Superman logo under your white shirt and reveal your identity when it’s time to save the world.


  • Homemade Halloween costumes for kids

2.11. Snowball Costume

Your little daughter is so in love with Snowball and this costume is so easy to make. 

Snowball Costume

You prepare

  • oversized pale-blue sweatshirt
  • string
  • batting
  • an extra-large sewing needle
  • white felt
  • seam binding
  • Styrofoam balls in assorted sizes
  • elastic
  • Velcro
  • fabric glue
  • a large safety pin

2.12. Rainbow Connection Costume

Your little girl loves colourful costumes and this Rainbow Costume will show her good energy to everyone.

Rainbow Connection Costume

You prepare 

  • tutu
  • tulle
  • ribbon in various colors (including rainbow)
  • a paper crown
  • felt
  • pipe cleaners
  • a paper paint bucket
  • rainbow-striped pajamas or any rainbow-colored items: tights, tops, socks

2.13. Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Your little daughter loves pets so this Raining Cats and Dogs is fit for her.

Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

You prepare

  • a child-size clear umbrella
  • black sticky felt (like Presto felt) 
  • black poster board
  • fabric pencil
  • gray thread
  • a needle

This clever idea is sure to be a hit in your neighborhood. Pair the decorated umbrella with the raincoat and rain boots your child already owns and she’ll be set to have a blast in any weather.

2.14. Lightning Bolt Costume

Your boy is so strong and energetic, this Lightning Bolt Costume will absolutely perform his power.

Lightning Bolt Costume

You prepare:

  • an over-size black shirt
  • silver lame
  • heavy cardstock
  • Batting
  • black felt
  • fabric glue
  • black gloves

For the wild child whose energy seems to be heaven-sent, what better choice than a bright bolt? He’ll be sure to electrify the entire neighborhood!

2.15. Little Devil Costume

Your little Devil loves red and she is as tricky as little Devil, this costume is for her.

Little Devil Costume

You prepare:

  • Sleeveless sweater
  • Legging
  • Shoes
  • Tail
  • Devil horns headband 
  • Trident

In case these homemade costumes still prevent you from enjoying Halloween because of time-consuming, Halloween makeup will be a great alternative. Try Top 5 Halloween Makeup Ideas 2022!

Homemade Halloween Costumes not only save your time and money but also meet your demand in an exact way. Try these ideas and make Halloween costumes for your whole family and enjoy Halloween! Check out Tatkuink for more Halloween costume ideas!